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White coffee cordyceps coconut packaging

White Coffee


The energy boosting properties of Cordyceps increase oxygen assimilation by up to 44% and bio-cellular energy up to 55%. This coffee is the same as the Coconut Cordyceps White Coffee but without the coconut meat. It is for those who like a slightly stronger brew.


Holistic Herbs Coffee blends can be used as a booster or protein. As a pre-workout or recovery drink, they are fuel for your engine with a carefully designed mix of the best natural ingredients. They do not contain any fillers or preservatives. They do contain natural coconut sugar (high in micronutrients). These products have been designed to increase performance, while promoting long term health and well-being.

Some of the most interesting health benefits of cordyceps includes its ability to:

  • improve respiratory health
  • increase oxygen uptake
  • boost heart health
  • detoxify the body
  • prevent certain types of cancer
  • slow the aging process
  • increases energy
  • improve the immune system


One of the most undeniable health benefits of cordyceps is its ability to significantly boost energy levels, and has long been known to athletes for the bursts of energy it can provide. The increased amount of oxygen uptake that cordyceps provides, enhances cellular energy production, thereby providing that extra push for people who need a shot of energy!

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